Saturday, April 16, 2016

Magical Sleepover U

this image is very special
is to promote the work of my friend SakuSakuPanic
She's doing an amazing job with this project
a hentai video of 13 minutes approx!
yeah... you are reading well... she is doing a whole video by her own.
with Peach and Daisy... and trust me... it is so good....beyond perfect!!!
and soon will be finished

and that's not all... the project will come with a special  artbook (digital)
with exclusive images made by another artists... including this one
with ofcourse my usual additional versions (full nude and without panties)
also, the soundtrack of the video, a mini game (really hot),exclusive images made by Sakusaku and some wallpapers!
that's crazy!!!

if you want to know more about the project, you can find Sakusaku panic on this pages:
Hentai Foundry:


  1. hey im jus curious, i mean aint a big deal, but did it get cancelled or somethin? like you cant goto the original website anymore, and thers like no trace of it anywhere? -your post was the most recent thing i heard about it, so like whats goin on?

    1. you can find her in the links that I gave in the description
      she's still working on the proyect (you may understand that isn't quite simple do something like that)

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    1. she already spoken with her supporters, she also gave a trailer on newgrounds some time ago
      if you're speaking is because you don't know how much work this mean
      I am witness of his work
      btw... her page was closed by some copyright problems, but it will be opened soon
      please, don't just attack her without proof (and don't delete the comments... I can read them anyways...)
      she is working thanks to all her supporters... if you are not one of them... just sit and wait

  3. I remembered on the website that it's supposed to come out like May 18th like this month. It's like 2 days away and I just want to confirm that, that's when it actually comes out. And where is the public version going to be posted?

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